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Waste Ad Space

Waste-Ad-Space offers a range of fresh products and strategies to help you and your organisation’s handle litter, waste and recycling like the professionals.

We look at litter, rubbish and recycling and see opportunities!

  • Have you heard of residential compaction?
  • What about pop-up “Cash for Cans” collection system
  • Disability-friendly litter bins
  • Innovative litter reduction strategies
  • Would you like to make money from your recycling?
  • Do you want to manage cigarette litter better?
  • Pop-up litter clean-up systems

The Macquarie Bin enclosure by Gossi Park is the flagship of our range, a street litter bin that is accessible for those with a disability, functional and ready for anything. The Macquarie bin is currently servicing the foreshore of one of Australia’s favourite beaches, Byron Bay along with other iconic locations across the country. Click here to view our Animations

When looking at our Macquarie bin enclosure, please be sure to view the strategy and services page. Getting bins in the right positions is essential if you are serious about reducing litter. Download Phase I of the strategy free today. 

We have also recently developed the “Trash Packer” which is designed to help reduce costs and the space your rubbish and bins are taking up onsite.

Container Deposit/Refund Legislation

We are bursting at the seams with excitement for the ‘Cash for Cans’ laws. Commencing December 2017 in NSW and then July 2018 for WA and QLD we have designed our range of products that will help everybody make the most out of cash for cans legislation anywhere in Australia.

Check out our ‘Beverage Container Buddy’ (BCB) collection system. We also offer a range of high-quality reusable collection bags that have custom lift points to help in transferring the collected cans and bottles safely. Each bag can hold a little over $50 worth of cans and bottles.
And with everything we do, you get free and easy to implement strategies to make sure you’re getting the best possible results when dealing with rubbish, recycling or litter.

Now moving into a consultative role working with local governments across Australia aiming to improve all aspects of local litter management.