About the Bin

The Macquarie Bin Enclosure,
Patent Number: 2011100749 & 2010903297


The Macquarie bin enclosure, by Gossi Park, is a new benchmark in public place litter and recycling bins. They are a modern design, accessible and multi-purpose. Helping local councils across Australia manage litter, capture recycling and building capacity for the future.

The simplest step in improving litter management anywhere is to offer the public “THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO THE RIGHT THING”?

The Macquarie bin enclosure has improved on existing design by, simplifying the disposal process. This easy to use factor is part of what makes the Macquarie bin enclosure so successful for people with disabilities, there are virtually no barriers to using the bin.

It goes without saying that once the public has managed to identify a bin, make their way to the bin with their litter; then the bin design should be intuitive and straightforward to use for people of all abilities. Young, old, seniors or those with disabilities.



An investment in improving street litter bins with the Macquarie bin enclosures will have positive outcomes, including;

  • Accessible for all users, they comply with Australian Standards and are designed with the spirit and intent of the Disability Discrimination Act, 1992
  • Reduced barriers to litter disposal through eliminating recycling restrictors, handles to open or close bins, removes any need to touch the bin when disposing of litter
  • Designed with universal design principles
  • Reducing the risk of operator injury through manual handling, wheelie bins – no lifting
  • Manage litter through ease of disposal
  • Reduce litter escaping bins through larger capacity and roofing
  • Manufactured by Gossi Park, a G James Company in Australia
  • Side access door reduces bin footprint into clear, unobstructed accessible path of travel (footpath) by almost 15 cm on a similar size bin cage
  • Panelling of Macquarie Bin enclosure may be used for Council or community messaging
  • Panelling of the bin enclosure allows for easy attachments of additional services
  • cigarette butt bins,
  • dog poo bag dispensers


When seeking out new bin enclosures, it is prudent to ensure those enclosures can be more than just a home for litter. The Macquarie bin enclosure is an intelligent investment that will be providing positive outcomes for communities across Australia for many years.

“the inclusion of the right bins in the right locations will make the largest single contribution when it comes to effectively managing litter.”   

binscreens-creative-5When purchasing a Macquarie Enclosure, by Gossi Park, you are not just thinking about the environment, you are also buying all Australian produced and extruded aluminium using Australian labour.

Gossi Park is part of the G.James Group of Companies, a family owned company, based in Brisbane since 1917. Operating from over 30 different locations and with approximately 2000 employees.

Gossi Park & Street Furniture, the manufacture of the Macquarie Bin Enclosure is a member of the following local government associations.


LGA Procurement – South Australia

LGA Procurement (LGAP) is a commercial entity owned by the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA of SA) and designed to support Councils to deliver best value for their communities.


Local Buy – Queensland

Local Buy is the Local Government Association of Queensland’s procurement services company. Local Buy develops contractual arrangements for councils and government entities: eliminating the need for government authorities to establish their own supply contracts.

nsw procurepoint

Local Government Approved Contractor – New South Wales

Local Government Procurement (LGP) has been established to provide a fully integrated procurement service to councils and associated organisations in NSW. LGP is a new company, formed in 2006 by the Local Government and Shires Associations of New South Wales on behalf of its members to create a procurement operation dedicated to meeting the specific needs of Local Government.